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The Military in San Diego

San Diego is more than just a beautiful city, it is proud to be home to one of the largest military populations in the country.

The famous 80s film Top Gun was filmed in San Diego, but did you know that America’s Finest City is also a true military town? The San Diego area is home to over 110,000 active duty personnel representing all five branches as well as the National Guard. Including their 120,000 dependents, the military makes up about 7.5% of all San Diego residents. In addition, San Diego is home to the largest concentration of military assets in the world and the largest federal military workforce in the country.

The military’s presence in San Diego is dominated by the Navy and the Marine Corp.  With 35 aircraft squadrons, over 400 aircraft, 48 ships – including 3 nuclear powered aircraft carriers – and 7 submarines. As you stroll along the marina off downtown San Diego, you cannot help to notice their impact on the area. Just near the airport, you’ll see the historic Marine Corps Recruit Depot and the former Naval Training Center, where hundreds and thousands of young recruits have been trained since the early 1900s. Beautiful Coronado Island just across the bay from downtown, is home to the 57,000 acre Naval Base.

“It’s not just what the military brings to San Diego, but what the ecosystem here means to the nation’s defense. You cannot do what we do here in San Diego anywhere else in the world.”

-Lynn Reaser, Point Loma Nazarene University

San Diego is proud to host so many of the men and women that serve our country.  Throughout the area, you will find generous service and product discounts for the military, including here at The Hopper.  And you can get a close-up look at many of today’s military assets by jumping on a Hornblower harbor cruise. Or for a fabulous tour visit the USS Midway Museum where you can experience life aboard an aircraft carrier and how 5,000 sailors and marines lived aboard this floating city!

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